3-layer flooring

Mirage-Decor offers 3-layer parquet flooring, a wood flooring composed of three layers. The 3-layer parquet is laid out in a unique way in a dry-fitting and floating way, with a click-joint system giving the space an incredible gloss. Floating laying shortens the time required for installation and costs. Installation is quick and clean, so you can walk around the floor immediately after installation. You can also install the parquet in a classic way, bonding the whole length to the surface. 3-layer parquet is durable and functional, of suitable thickness, varnished several times and resistant to mechanical damage. The surface layer is ground and lacquered seven times with the application of the best varnish (acrylic varnish, basic varnish, eco-friendly varnish with additional UV protection) or natural oil. The surface layer is thick enough to be able to be ground and restored again (this applies to parquet floors bonded to the substrate), while parquet will not lose its beauty and durability.

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