Our furniture is made of the highest quality materials, and we pay great attention to the quality and the functionality. We produce all the elements according to your desires and needs, both in terms of dimensions, colours and materials.
When designing furniture we create a functional solution based on ergonomic principles, as well as an aesthetic solution that will fulfil all clients’ expectations, using the best materials and equipment of world-famous brands such as EGGER, FUNDERMAX and KRONOSPAN, BLUM, HETTICH and GRASS.
We use the latest CNC industrial machines to ensure the constant quality of all our products. With years of investment, we have created a production line of exceptional efficiency, wide capabilities and capacities.
We produce kitchens, closets, sliding closet doors, office furniture, as well as all custom furniture according to our customers’ wishes! Also, there is an exclusive high-quality upholstered furniture in our offer, made of the highest quality fabrics and natural leather. Quality and functionality are our trademark.

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