January 8, 2019

The wonderful Surf-Ace table that we present to you proves that surfing is becoming more and more popular today and that it enters our lives in more than one way.

Duffy London studio’s designers took a much more literary approach to this topic and came up with the idea of ​​creating an extraordinary collection of tables created by the same techniques used by old surfboard manufacturers to deliver their beautiful pieces to the world.

We doubt that any of us expected to see a dining table in the form of a surfboard, but this is life: when someone has an interesting dream and begins to work on it, then you can expect to be surprised and it always ends in this way.

Every Surf-Ace table represents a classic balsa wooden design, which resembles the first surfboards used by the old Hawaiians. Evidently, attention paid to detail and fine craft skills involved in this project represent outstanding characteristics, along with smooth edges and curves that overwhelm human perception.

Tables are made from one piece of wood, which is very impressive and more than amazing. Available in several sizes and finishes, and made of several different types of wood, the Duffy London’s sleek tables are good enough to admire them, but they come with an abnormal start-up price of $ 23,600. If you’re afraid of water, or surfing is not your game, then this is the second-best thing you can wish for.

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