January 8, 2019

This bedroom has a very modern urban style decor in a minimalist combination of grey and white shades …

It can be said that it is decorated with contemporary and even minimalist style with industrial tones.

Decorating a bedroom is not easy at all, because a bedroom must be comfortable, relaxing and it has to provide a sense of welcoming, but it still has to be stylish and functional. This bedroom project includes all of these features and represents a wonderful idea for all these spaces located in the flats of large cities.

The white bedroom is relatively small, so the designers opted for floor-to-ceiling windows to increase the light. They set the mirror as the headboard for the same purpose – because this ancient decoration reflects the light and visually expands the space. Another wall is completely white and has a built-in wardrobe decorated with a map of America, which is currently very modern.

Gray concrete and brown plywood are used as finishes in the bedroom, giving it a casual and modern look, which, on the other hand, adds warmth to its overall ambience. The touch of the industrial style is highlighted through ceiling lamps and concrete surfaces, which is an ideal background for creating a chic urban look.

The furniture is very simple and consists of white wall closets, plywood beds and functional cabinets of the same color, adding harmony to the space.

A graphic artwork above the bed and a prominent piece of textured wood with the borders of the United States of America create a good mood and resemble a life in a big city.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows provide plenty of light, which is essential for small spaces. The pre-mentioned drawing of the country made on a recycled pallet is hanging on the built-in wardrobe opposite to the windows.

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